“Sebastian's program inspired the minors at LA County

to reflect on their love for themselves as well as others. Some were inspired to think about their own futures. I remember one minor saying Sebastian should present at other Juvenile Halls - I thought, she must have really appreciated the program.”  

~ LA County Probation, Sylmar Management Program


"Sebastian Siegel is an integral artist driving consciousness evolution." 

~ Ken Wilber

"Dear Mr. Siegel, your commitment

to sharing with our incarcerated youths is inspiring. They were mesmerized by your stories and insightful answers. You were able to project the positive, motivating passion of self-worth and purpose of being; strong characteristics we seek to teach as they attempt

to re-enter communities.  Thank you."  

~ County of Los Angeles

"Sebastian Siegel draws insights into the beauty and complexities of the human condition with an inspiring and original voice.”  

~ Marianne Williamson

"After we screened Awakening World

we were touched and moved by its message. At Sedona World Wisdom Days Sebastian’s voice continued to

‘awaken’ a new generation of forward thinkers.

~ Sedona World Wisdom Days 

co-founders Jerry Gilden &  Glenn Scarpelli

"Dear Sebastian Siegel, thank you for

coming to screen your movie Awakening World.

It was a joy to have you provide a program that had

such a positive message. I believe that your film

gave them a different perspective on how

personal connections are so meaningful." 

~ Detention Services, Juvenile Hall

"In fractured times, healing is more critical

than ever. Sebastian Siegel is one of those presences

who embodies an alternative to violence and animosity.

He unites with tools of compassion"  

~ Jame Hollis, Ph.D.

"Sebastian’s art is shown in the way

he brings people together.”  

~ don Miguel Ruiz

”As a writer, producer, and director Sebastian Siegel

has created compelling content that’s received ovations and delivered sold out screenings at multiple festivals. His vision and collaborative style make production exciting, and result

in the generation of exceptional film media.”

~ HIFF Exec Director, Robert Lambeth

"Bang, bang, bang, so many insights fired off in rapid order

with each chapter being a stand-alone meditation inviting me to some unfamiliar place.

It reminds me of how Japanese Buddhists chant the scriptures, which are written in Chinese

but sounded out phonetically in Japanese, resulting in a ritual language. This book's chanting

is seductive and it's filled with stories and lessons to be learned, that is, understood. Siegel makes the language go all the way to a place it cannot go, and winds up pointing to a kind of mystery, deep within, far without, but real as he contends it is. I found myself wondering:

where did these words come from - the writer, the seducer of spirit?"

~ George Tanabe, Former Chairman, Dept. of Religions,

University Hawai'i at Manoa - specialty in Buddhism

Die Bewusstseinsrevolution (The Consciousness Revolution),

from Giger-Verlag Publishing, is available here