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Ever wondered about Lucid Dreaming?

British-American author, meditation teacher, and film director Sebastian Siegel will guide you through it. He revolutionarily integrates radical storytelling, orchestra music by Murray Hidary of Mind Travel, and binaural soundwaves to coax your brain into states of elation, rejuvenation, and deep subconscious awareness. You'll lie comfortably while Sebastian guides you on a radical, real-time cosmic adventure. Book seats in advance as these evenings are limited space.

Benefits include:

1. Rejuvenation 2. Awaken creativity 3. Vivid dreaming

4. Uncover memories 5. Cellular healing

Sebastian works in transformative consciousness through mediums of film, books, psychology, and meditation. The teaser for Sebastian’s film, the epic love story Grace And Grit is here.

"Sebastian Siegel draws insights into the beauty and complexities of the human condition

with an inspiring and original voice.”

~ Marianne Williamson

"Siegel makes the language go all the way to a place it cannot go,

and winds up pointing to a kind of mystery, deep within, far without, but real as he contends it is.

I found myself wondering: where did these words come from - the writer, the seducer of spirit?”

~ George Tanabe, Former Chairman Dept. of Religions, University Hawaii - specialty in Buddhism   


Sebastian’s Guided Lucid Dreaming is wonderful. It’s a meditative journey through the stars and is very relaxing and rejuvenating. One moment I’m here, and the next I'm sailing high seas, diving through the stars, and visiting myself in other worlds. Sebastian tells every story only once, and each time he weaves an adventure taking you to the edges of the earth, the solar system, and the universe beyond. This is a must-do experience for anyone interested in dreams, spirituality, creativity, meditation, psychology, or deep states of consciousness. Sebastian is a powerful storyteller.

~ Leigh and Carla McCloskey, Founders of Olandar

“I want to take this moment to let you know how profound my attendance at your event was.  I have been seeking healing and next level awareness and consciousness for many years and participating in counseling mainly dealing with trauma. My intention has been to become a whole fulfilled human being, learning to love and help other life on this planet. I have worked with at risk youth… I stay this because I know the value of storytelling. Your story telling was much different than I expected. I found myself crying… rivers of water flowing down my face for at least the last half of the story. In fact I did not even know I was crying until I could feel my face was wet. I had no intellectual connection to the emotions I was experiencing which, for a  moment after the story, was perplexing to me. Somehow what you do bypassed my gatekeeper mind and proceeded inward to a healing deep within me that I needed. I cannot explain this. More than any counseling I have ever done. I went home in peace and played the best guitar rhythm for almost two hours, immersed in healing words. When I went to sleep… it was like a portal opened up in me. A journey that I have longed to be on has now becoming a reality. And that is thanks to you.You have helped me tremendously.”

~ Fred Eichel, teacher

“In a Guided Lucid Dreaming meditation with Sebastian I am taken to a magical place. I have gone back to my childhood bedroom and have experienced being an innocent kid again. I have flown over tree tops, rivers and ocean. I have traveled through galaxies.  I have  seen myself through the eyes of those I encountered in these lucid journeys — enemies and allies. And the greatest gift I have received through Sebastian’s Guided Lucid Dreaming Meditation is experiencing true compassion and forgiveness… forgiveness for others and especially for myself.”

~ Adriana Trevino, translator

“As we begin to look inward due to the various events in our lives; there are healers, guides, teachers, inspirers, and beautiful souls that are revealed at synchronous moments to help us on our journey. Sebastian Siegel is more than a storyteller, film industry pioneer, author, and physique icon. He is a unique soul that channels his energy through the practices of meditation, lucid dreaming, and musical story. The spaces created with his guided events open portals for your exploration; his voice soothes your ears, and original stories take you on a visual safari. His talent for storytelling combined with beautiful frequencies, nature sounds, and passages make for an unforgettable experience. Like a painter, a profession of which I am very familiar, Sebastian is an artist who holds two or more brushes, makes powerful movements and with a myriad of colors introduces your consciousness to unexplored depths.”

~ Thomas Richter, artist

“It’s been an honor to have Sebastian Siegel host his extraordinary Lucid Dreaming Experience at my home. His captivating, enchanting voice and eloquent, radical storytelling leads you on a journey into the galaxies to touch the stars, moon and sun. Then he leads you back through all elements of the earth; the plants, animals and trees. In the end you feel every cell of your being vibrating. I feel energized, highly motivated and inspired for the weeks after. This experience ignited my soul and helped me to tap into this magical & intelligent universe more effortlessly. There isn’t one other person on this planet doing this. Each time I’m left in awe. Sebastian has a gift and talent for storytelling that he graciously shares making everyone present feel seen, and transformed in some way. Thank you Sebastian.”

~ Stacy Gottula, Real Estate agent


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