11/29 Fri:  8p Guided Lucid Dreaming for Deep Rejuvenation

Malibu Private home, for info email: carlamccloskey@aol.com

12/11 Wed:  8p Full MOON Guided Lucid Dreams on What Echoes Beyond 

Malibu Private home, for info email: carlamccloskey@aol.com

12/21 Sat:  7p MindTravel piano concert, book reading, sake tasting benefit. 

Benefit for the arts, by invite only. Private home in Los Angeles rsvp here

1/10/2020 Fri:  8p TBD

Message here if you’d like to arrange a customized, guided Lucid Dreaming experience,

gift for an occasion, or host your own special evening with friends.

Critical review of Sebastian’s book:

"Bang, bang, bang, so many insights fired off in rapid order with each chapter

being a stand-alone meditation inviting me to some unfamiliar place.

It reminds me of how Japanese Buddhists chant the scriptures, which are written

in Chinese but sounded out phonetically in Japanese, resulting in a ritual language.

This book's chanting is seductive and it's filled with stories and

lessons to be learned, that is, understood.

Siegel makes the language go all the way to a place it cannot go, and winds up pointing to a kind of mystery, deep within, far without, but real as he contends it is.

I found myself wondering: where did these words come from -

the writer, the seducer of spirit?"

~ George Tanabe, Former Chairman, Dept. of Religions,

University Hawai'i at Manoa - specialty in Buddhism