SEBASTIAN SIEGEL is a British-American writer, actor, social entrepreneur and speaker.

FILM   Sebastian wrote, directed and produced SECRET AGENT to promote EuroCinema’s acclaimed European films.  He wrote, produced and directed the documentary, AWAKENING WORLD (from Beyond Words Publishing, now on Amazon), which received the largest audience in the 20 year history of The Sedona International Film Festival.  The film won Most Inspiring Documentary in Miami, was selected as the Centerpiece film for AFFMA, covered by ABC News, The Hallmark Channel, MyFM, and serves to inspire connective discussions at select events.  The second installment from this project, SPIRIT OF EVOLUTION, is currently filming.  Sebastian produced the short comedy JUST BE YOURSELF, and has adapted the screenplay for Ken Wilber’s book, GRACE AND GRIT.  Sebastian is represented by BHDRL.

ACTOR   Through 2015 (reel at IMDb) he’s played predominately pivotal character roles:  Hector, the google-eyed alien geek and secret agent in THE FINDER;  Jones, a villain in HAWAII FIVE-0;  Erik, a vigilante in LOST;  Nick, an investor who loses his family and all hope in THE FAMILY THAT PREYS;  Hiram, the eccentric CEO in JUST BE YOURSELF;  Cardiologist Dr. Bailey in NOTE TO SELF;  Cult leader in STRUCK;  in roles like Judas Iscariot in indie films INDIE IS GREAT, ATHEIST, RISK, as well as roles on FAMILY GUY, FLASH FORWARD, BAYWATCH HAWAII, CSI MIAMI, and in the EuroCinema Hawai’i trailer CASTAWAY.  Siegel began studying theatre at seven years, won the drama prize at Kent School and was accepted to the University of Hawaii at fifteen to study drama.  He expresses his practice in theatre as, “my first form of meditative practice and experience of a safe and near limitless space for dynamic personal exploration and expression”.  He rehearsed character material for nearly ten years with the late James Whitmore, and currently studies with Sandra Caruso, John Coppola and Gary Marks.  Sebastian is represented by Metropolitan and Shelter Entertainment.

EARLY LIFE   Sebastian Siegel was born in Oxford, England.  He grew up part-time with his father in Hawai’i, and lived the other part of each year with his mother and stepfather in Texas.  His father, Lee Siegel, is professor of global and Indian religions and a Pulitzer nominated novelist, and his grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Russia.  Siegel's maternal grandfather, Leonard Thompson, was a professor, author and active opponent of apartheid.

IDEAS   Sebastian writes and talks on happiness, intimacy, compassion, will, eternal life and consciousness. He cites Ken Wilber, Alan Watts, Ramana Maharshi, Joseph Campbell and mentor James Whitmore as strong influences, and as a kid, his father’s teachings on Zen and comics he brought back from India on Rama, Kali, Ganesha and Shakti.  In 1983 Siegel met Campbell with his father on Oahu, Hawai’i.

OTHER MEDIA   He was in theatre throughout school and although he didn’t play an organized sport - as a hobby - Siegel is widely recognized for appearing on over one hundred magazine covers from Men’s Fitness to Iron Man and FitnessRx.  In an interview he described his physicality as "strictly a byproduct of the love for transcending physical limits, igniting emotional highs and disciplining mental will".  Photographers Steven Meisel, David La Chapelle and Robert Fleischauer have photographed him for covers, campaigns and billboards in Times Square.

Siegel rapped the comedic lyrics for the parody music video, “Green Tea Partay”, and played the lead in Lil Wayne’s Tapout.  He is a supporter of The Smile Train, Greenpeace, Best Buddies, and is a children’s mentor reader for the Screen Actors Guild.  Siegel has served as an advocate against diabetes for the ADA, paints and writes poetic philosophy for The Huffington Post.